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Softail Heirtage with Frankenstein Trike Kit

Attached are pictures of the Frankenstein Trike Kit installed on a 2000 Heritage Softail.

The owner Jack S***t as we call him. Lost his leg 2 years ago. Friends did a benefit for him to raise money to get one of our best friends back on his bike. After a few surgeries and healing time we ordered the kit. Ordered on a Tuesday afternoon and was delivered to Texas on Friday. The Frankenstein kit was installed on Saturday. Jack drove away on his trike the same afternoon. The kit and instructions were top notch and the finished results were awesome. Jack put hundreds of miles on it the first few days. It doesn't sit long. Thank you Frankenstein Trikes and all the people who donated to the cause. We now have our Happy Jack back.

Hello to the Frankenstein team,

Please find attached photo of my wife's recently finished Frankenstein Sportster.  She loves it!              

My friend Gary (aka "Hoosier Daddy") and I did the wrenching and my wife chose the color scheme and picked out the bling.  What a fun project and it was really easy thanks to Frankenstein's well thought out process, quality parts and explicit instructions.

Kudos to the Frankenstein Team!!!

Indianapolis, Indiana

Frankenstein is the best out of all of them. We had seen a lot of them, but they were the best built (totally built in the USA) and they are there if you need help. Great bunch of guys to work with.

Put the "POWER STEER" on today and what a difference! It feels like the front end has no weight at all and it steers soooo much easier. Kudos again, you guys rock.

Houston, Texas

satisfied frankenstein trikes customer trike kit for harley davdison sportster I saw this trike on the showroom floor at Gail's Harley Davidson and had to have it. Soon after I just had to visit the guys at Frankenstein Trikes. I got a trailer hitch attachment for the kit and got a chance to speak with Frank. Great guys, great product. I couldn't be happier.

Archie, MO

sportster trike kit happy customer I just wanted to convey my thanks to you all at Frankenstein Trikes for producing such a great product. I recently purchased a Trike Kit from you for my wife's 2008 Sportster 1200C. The kit arrived with everything included and installing it was a very easy process. I am impressed with the quality and workmanship that was put into this product. It is definitely a solid built rear end. The test drive after installation proved it was money well spent. The bike now has a very stable platform that gives me peace of mind when the wife hops on and rides along, with me leading the way on my Ultra, along our South Alabama roads. Thanks for offering this fantastic kit, that is also reasonably priced. So far it has proven to be bullet proof and I can see this kit holding up for the long haul.

Bay Minti, Alabama
satisfied frankenstein trikes customer trike review I purchased your kit through Donny Smith in Minnesota, he hadn't worked with it much but since my purchase he has installed some himself.Held off sending pix until I was able to finish it with a Tour Pak and paint. I’ve had a lot of compliments on your Trike Kit most don’t believe that I installed it.  It took me about a day, by myself.The paint was done by ‘Designs by Jeff’ Stacy, MN.  Good match and great portrait of my son on the right rear fender.Your Kit was a breeze to install with the installation your installation guide.Geat Kit; Quality workmanship and Beautiful design. I'm’ attaching pictures of the Trike for your photo section.

Thank you,

electraglide trike conversion trike kit happy customer Let me say thank you for a great trike kit. My 86 Harley Davidson Electra Glide paired with your FLH Sport Trike Kit is a fantastic combo put together by East Coast Superbikes of Babylon, N.Y. Feel free to publish any if you like.  The battery, if anyone asks is housed in the rear tour pak.
Thanks again,
Long Island, N.Y.  

sportster trike trike kit happy customer frankenstein trikes Frank,
Attached are pics of my wife's (Sharon) finished bike. Big Steve did the build at Grand Prix and his info is attached. This is her eighth bike and third trike, previous a Lehman, Motor Trike and also a FLH with sidehack. This conversion out handles all of the above and a crowd stopper to boot. What a quality product at a great price. She loves the handling, and power of this trike. Feel free to forward my email to anyone interested and I will discuss it with them. Steve did a great job on our conversion. I attached a photo of the bike in touring style and around the town. Although trikes are just starting to catch on in California, I have owned and ridden them since the early 70's, my next project will be a Road King with a Frankenstein conversion for myself! Keep up the great work.

Costa Mesa, California

vrod trike frankenstein trike review happy customer Hi guys,

Attached please find photo's of my wife's V-Rod Trike.
She is very proud of this bike and has been featured on several shows and even on Africa Bike Week official video's.
Hope you will enjoy and be proud of your exceptional workmanship.

South Africa

softail trike reveiw frankenstein trikes quality report 2000 FXST. Very happy with the rear end's quality and performance. Brilliant design. These things will sell themselves.

softail trike kit review of frankensttein trikes Hi
Darius here from Grandeur Cycle .  Great job on the kits guys  !  
Thought I’d send a couple pictures of one of your kits we installed .
Hoping to do more business with you . 

Jonesville, North Carolina

reveiw of frankenstein trikes happy customer sportster trike kit Frank,
Thanks for all the help with the kit for my wife's sportster . I was kinda worried about installing the kit but it was a breeze . Took about 2 hours on Saturday morning and everything fit together perfect . I just want you guys to know I believe this is the best kit on the market and you have made it very easy to install .
I feel just adding the kit made the bike look tons better and I will not have to worry about her near as much . Plus the fact that it now increased in value .
I feel even a guy with limited tools and limited work space could install this kit with no problems .
Once again Thank You and I look forward to purchasing more products from you in the future . I will get you some pictures as soon as the fenders arrive ..

Thanks Again
Ryan & Jenny
Prescott, Kansas

frankenstein trikes conusmer product review sportster trike happy customer

My dad installed the Frankenstein trike on my 2006 Sportster 883c. It
is a lot of fun in the snow! I have ordered studded tires from a local
tire dealer, and they should be in soon! The Vance and Hines Staggered Short Shots was a PERFECT fit, and they sound good too! It cleared by about a quarter of an inch from the adjustment bolt. Right now we are planning on Rhino-lining (the spray in bed liner for pick-up trucks) the bike - all 4 fenders and the tank. This is going to be run year round. Any further modifications we make to it, I will send you a pic or two. Feel free to do whatever with the pics I am sending. Thanks so much for the kit, my wife and I love it! My dad is a mechanic by trade, and he said that, "looks like they got this rear end all figured out!" He was pretty impressed with it.

Again, thanks so much!


softail Thought I would drop you a line about my Trike, I have had on the road since June 2008. Bought bike February 2008. Harley Davidson 1998 1340 soft tail standard. Converted bike into trike. The axle fitted without much trouble I had to fit mud guards and hand brake for this country but modified fiber glass mud guards to look good and show most of the tyre's, found a good little hand brake caliper that works a treat. Other mods chopped out exhaust mufflers and welded on VW straight pipes, cut rear mud guards right back and modified, fitted Lee pera seat but left enough room for a stick on passenger seat and can also fit modified sissy bar. Cut 6 inch out of bay area bars that are now comfortable and look good, made up extended head light bracket.
Have had a great time riding Trike and went down to the south of France last year on tour. The Trike is great to ride and the axle is
excellent a great piece of engineering, have attached photos for you.

Best regards,
United Kingdom
frankenstein trikes testimonial happy customer dyna trike Hi Daniel,
I have finally completed my trike with your conversion kit.
I thought you might use some on your web site of customer
conversions. My bike was a 2000 FXDL before I fitted your
Dyna F305 34" Sport Std. I purchased this from you 03/25/09
It was featured in the March/April issue of Heavy Duty Magazine
here in Victoria, Australia.

cheers for now,
Victoria, Australia
sportster trike kit happy customer review
trike kit for harlye davidson sportster frankenstein trike customer comments
I had a few request for more pics of the wife’s trike, sorry it took so long. It started out as a 2009 Nightster. The wife is a disabled vet and has neck, back and shoulder injuries that bother her and holding up the bike irritated her injuries she found out. She wanted to keep riding so we decided to trike it. I saw Tx Outlaws trike he did for his wife and really dug it. So I called up the guys at Frankenstein Trikes aka MC Worx out of Ks and ordered the kit with a few upgrades and raked triple tree (must have makes it so much easier to turn). We also added a Hoppe fairing to lessen driver fatigue for her. The fair is detachable so it can come off. I also installed an easy clutch for her, Joker Machine A/C and V&H Short shots.

The trike kit went together like a dream. The wife and I did it in the garage one Saturday. It took about 8 hours or so. The guys at MC Worx are great and the kits are made right here in the USA with quality parts. She has about 2k plus on the trike with zero problems and loves it.

Falcon, Colorado


frankenstein trikes wins another trophie good reveiw of trike

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Happy Trike Customer Frankenstein Trikes handles very well at 85
harley davdison softail trike conversion kit frankensteint trikesproduct review I wanted to send you a couple pictures of my trike and my wife's trike. I had the trike kit put on back in July by Shakey's Cycle and wanted to say it has been the best thing I have ever had done to the bike. It has made my riding so much more enjoyable. I have put approx 4000 miles on it since july. Thank You for the kit. I will keep in touch with you so I can order my next rear end for my future RoadGlide.

North Carolina

softail with frankenstein trike conversion Well I finally finished my trike conversion. I took  a 1993 Heritage soft tail and made it a beautiful Frankenstein Trike. Sure turns heads when out riding. Thanks for a great kit and the best product support.

Yukon, Oklahoma

ultraglide with frankenstein trike kit happy customer I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your trike kit and the installation performed by Bob Day of Arizona Hotrod Trikes here in Tucson Arizona.  The kit is awesome and Bob did a great job with the install.
What sold me on your kit was the style and minimal weight addition, and I am very pleased with the trike.  I would highly recommend Arizona Hotrod Trikes for anyone in Arizona considering a conversion. I have attached
a photo of the trike for your information.

Tucson, Arizona
sportster frankenstein trikes trike conversion kit testimonialsee more pics Daniel/Frankenstein Trikes,

Daniel, I talked to you about sending photos of the trike our shop built for our daughter-in-law.  Our son, started North Ridge Custom Cycles in 2007 and was killed in a motorcycle accident in September of 2010.  Last winter his wife, Melany, our daughter-in-law, wanted to build one of  his bikes into a trike for herself.  So, we used his 2005 Sportster.  He loved his high bars, so she kept the 18" apes.  We added a 58mm inverted front end, Roland Sands wheel and air cleaner, bobtail fender, etc.

Thanks.Hope you put these on the site since every show/event we take it, people are always taking photos of it. Really seems to be an eye catcher.
It's always good to work with you.

North Ridge Custom Cycles
Mc Alisterville, Pennsylvania

Thanks for the great conversion kit, the timeliness of your order, and the overall great service you have given me.  I finally got to the point in my disability where I couldn't hold my Harley up when stopped.  It only took a day to make the conversion, and I haven't dropped the bike since!  The quality of the conversion is outstanding (I'm a retired toolmaker) and the instructions were pretty good, but some pictures were wrong, but it was obvious and installation went smoothly.  The quality of the fiber glass on the fenders is top notch, and the fenders and brackets are overbuilt, making the whole unit a heavy duty stylish conversion.  After I get the fenders painted, I'll send some pics.

Thanks again,


Frank and Steiner,

I need to send you a note with my warranty. My Trike is an unbelievable ride!!

Not I am not a MC Mechanic by any means, however I started my Toolmaker Apprenticeship in 1966. Then working thru the shop and now 47 years later (at the same Company) working in Quality Control. "Visucal Inspection" of your work is Outstanding. At work we have Engineers, and a Programmer who are pleased with your "Identification" on the rear bar along Journeyman Toolmakers' who ride are very impressed with your work.


Thanks for the great Quality,


Hunker, Pennsylvania

Frankenstein Trike Kit owner testimonial 2003 Roadking Picture Hi, thought I'd share some pictures of my personal '03 Road King
monster. Got to say in all the thirty-eight years of riding Harleys this three wheeler is by far the most stable and enjoyable bike I've ever owned.

David Henderson, Nevada

Frankenstein Trike Kit owner testimonial 2003 Roadking Picture

I just wanted to say I love my Frankenstein trike. I have received many compliments on it and I always tell people where to go if they want to get a beautiful trike like mine.  

I had Precision Motorcyle in Virginia Beach do the installation. The mechanic had never done a Frankenstein but said he liked it much better than what he had done before Lehman conversions. 

Attached is a photo of my trike.  It was a 2009 Sportster 883.  Please feel free to use the image on your website or Facebook page. 

Thank you so much!!!



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