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We manufacture and sell complete Trike Kits for
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.
Easy to Install
Our Trike Kits are designed to be installed by anyone with a moderate skill level.
Buy Factory Direct
We can ship to your front door or to your preferred shop for installation. Quick turnaround, usually ships in 5 days or less.
Frankenstein is the best out of all of them. We had seen a lot of them, but they were the best built (totally built in the USA) and they are there if you need help. Great bunch of guys to work with. Deb C. Houston, TX  
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Trike Kits for Harley Davidson Motorcycles Information and Pricing

New Frankenstein Trike Kits  
2018 Harley Davidson Softail (Available Now) Frankenstein Trikes Rear end & Chassis Kit(Available Now)
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Frankenstein Trikes is committed to offering Trike rear-ends and Trike Conversion Kits with the highest quality, low maintenance and that are easy to install. We use American made components whenever possible. Our mission is to ensure quality driven design manufacturing & production.

Our product specialist can assist you in purchasing the exact Trike Conversion Kit you need. Extensive customer support is also available during the installation process. Once you purchase a Frankenstein Trike kit you are a member for life, we welcome feedback and suggestions throughout your ownership.

Frankenstein Trikes Trike Conversion Kits are complete down to the last nut and bolt. Save money by combining upgrades with our straight forward package pricing. Choose your bike above to see the savings.

Trike conversion Axle Frankenstein Triikes 38 rear end
take a closer look at a fully assembled 38" Sport Trike Kit

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super low sportster free picture

Frankenstein Trikes wallpaper for your desktop, featuring the 2011 Sportster Super Low with Trike Kit.
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Happy Trike Owners
satisfied customer frankenstein trike kit ownerread more
I saw this trike on the showroom floor at Gail's Harley Davidson and had to have it. Soon after I just had to visit the guys at Frankenstein Trikes. I got a trailer hitch attachment for the kit and got a chance to speak with Frank. Great guys, great product. I couldn't be happier.
frankenstein trikes conusmer product review sportster trike happy customerread more Thanks so much for the kit, my wife and I love it! My dad is a mechanic by trade, and he said that, "looks like they got this rear end all figured out!" He was pretty impressed with it.

harley davidson dyna trike customer reveiwread more Hey guys, I just wanted to send you some photos of my 2010 Harley fat bob.  I thought you might be able to use them in your photo section for dynas.  I really like it and was fairly simple to install,Thanks for a nice product and also it turns a lot of heads when I ride by.


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