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Thanks for the great documentation of this Frankenstein Trike conversion!


This post is about a recent project I actually completed. I've always been into motorcycles - especially Harleys. But we're getting up in years and sometimes I lay the bike over when I'm jostling around in the driveway or parking lot while we are 2-up. So, I shopped around for Trike alternatives. I found this company out of Kansas called Frankenstein Trikes, and after a lot of studying, I decided to try and pull it off myself. I live in an old schoolhouse and I had lots of room downstairs to perform the conversion, so I got a couple buds together and we pulled it off in 2.5 hours. Here's the jist of it.

I started out by drawing up a design for a graphic to surprise my wife, and started a dialogue with Dev from Precision Vinyl Decals. Since I'm not an artist, I just copied and pasted things from the internet to get my point across.

Here's what he came up with:

And this was the final product:

Had to add a little Navy flair to the bike. This was a special order air cleaner cover from the HD catalog:

This was how the Frankenstein kit arrived:

The help was cheap:

This stuff was really packed. The parts were covered in plastic, and then the space around the parts was filled with some kind of spray foam. A pain to unwrap, but well protected for shipment.

It's a real quality kit. Includes an billet aluminum Dana 30 rear axle with a mod that allows you to add your belt drive pulley from your bike. The tires are top quality and come already inflated. The fenders are fiberglass and primed; they arrive needing a little filler and sanding - to be expected.

The black parts are the new swingarm and fender support.

They should be proud to put their name on the kit. It's a quality product.

OK, I think we're committed.

All right, don't panic; I rode this in here, and I'm going to ride it out.

Axle going in:

Tires are on. Hooking up belt, shocks, and misc.

Getting close.

Looking Rad! I actually rode it to work a few times like this. Notice that there are no fenders on it yet. Actually got more comments before I put the fenders on.

I built a couple cradles for finishing up the fenders. 1st time I'd ever painted anything - let alone a metalflake. Ordered primer and suede blue pearl from Colorrite . Paint gun care of Harbor Freight.

I was really pleased with how they came out and how close they matched the OEM paint.

Air up the tires and mount the fenders.

Saving the triple-tree installation for a later date.

The finished project.

I waited a couple months and wet sanded the fenders with 1200 wet or dry paper, then rubbed them out with polishing compound. Turned out great. Cost me a few bottles of Gatorade and a Saturday afternoon. The guys I work with love doing this kind of thing. We had a good time building it, and I've been having a great time riding it. Hope someone gets something out of this post.