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Rich's 2008 Sportster

Finally, here are a few pictures of the 2008 Sportster I converted for my wife that I thought you might find interesting. To add a little storage I added the “shopped” Harley Davidson Tour-Pak. I had to fabricate the mounts and had them plated along with the fab’d belt guard. To balance it out I fab’d a 40’s style nerf bar with LED lamps, by the way that’s a .120 thk wall on that tube so it’s quite functional too. Born as an “883” I added a 1250 Hammer kit, Andrews cams, lil’ head work and “BINGO”. It performs spectacularly with about 15000 miles on kit! Almost as quick as softail.
You’ve got a superior product and service reputation! Wish you all well in the future!


Best regards,

Rich Field Sr.

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