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sportster trike kit happy customer

I just wanted to convey my thanks to you all at Frankenstein Trikes for producing such a great product. I recently purchased a Trike Kit from you for my wife's 2008 Sportster 1200C. The kit arrived with everything included and installing it was a very easy process. I am impressed with the quality and workmanship that was put into this product. It is definitely a solid built rear end. The test drive after installation proved it was money well spent. The bike now has a very stable platform that gives me peace of mind when the wife hops on and rides along, with me leading the way on my Ultra, along our South Alabama roads.
Thanks for offering this fantastic kit, that is also reasonably priced. So far it has proven to be bullet proof and I can see this kit holding up for the long haul.

Bay Minti, Alabama

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FRANKENSTEIN TRIKE CONVERSION KITS Harley-Davidson Sportster Customer Photos

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Helen's 2006 XL Suzanne H-D Ostfold 2013
Michael's 2008 XL Val's 07 XL Joe & Penny's 2011 Iron
frankenstein trike kit not a champion trike kit for a sportster harley davidson sportser trike using frankenstein trike kit customer photo
Sandy W's 2002 Robin's 2009 Sandy's 2009
sportster trike kit pictures sportster trike conversion from frankenstein trikes sportster trike conversion kit frankenstein trikes
Jay M's 2011 Jennifer C's 2003 Michael's 2009 XL1200
Trike Conversion kit for ahrley davidson sportster frankenstein trike kit on harley-davidson sportster Sportster Trike Conversion Kit
Diane's 2006 Frank's 2006 Gail's 2006
Harley-Davidson sportster trike photo harley-davidson sportster trike photo harley-davidson sportster trike photo
Georges 2002 Gina's 2008 Sportster Graywolf's 2001 Sportster
harley-davidson sportster trike photo harley davidson sportster trike kit sportster trike kit
AZ Hot Rod Trikes Morten & Petter's 1989 Karen's 07XL
sportser trike kit Arizon hot rod trike Frankenstein Trike Conversion for harley Davidson Sportster Photo Harley Davidson Sportster Trike Conversion Kit Frankenstein Trikes
Darcey's 2009 Melany's 2005 Wallace's 2006 XL
Frankenstein Trike kit photo 2009 H-D Sportster with trike conversion kit sportser trike built by north ridge customs frankenstein trike kit Harley Davidson Sportster Trike Kit Frankenstein trikes pics
Kreators Customs 2004 Toni's 2004 Trac Rogers' 2009
sportster trike kit harley-davidson sportster trike 2004 and down trike kit frnakenstein trikes harley-davidson sportster trike kit photos thumbnail
Barbs 2005 AZ Hot Rod Trikes "Warbird" Charles 2003
harley-davidson sportster trike conversion photo Harley- Davidson sportste trike photo Harley-Davidson Sportster trike photo
Janet 1998 Robert 2012 Larry & Rena 2006

Carol 2004 Colette 2009 Lester's 2001


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