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Harley-Davidson FLT/FLH & Roadking Raked Triple Tree - Machine Finish

When converting a motorcycle to a trike the steering will get heavier and more effort is required to steer.

Frankenstein Trikes raked triple trees for trike conversions are designed to make your trike easy to steer.

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raked triple tree for harley davidson roadking trike

7°-41mm Machine Finish


Harley-Davidson FLT/FLH & Roadking

$20.00 S/H

Call to order: 913-352-6788

trike kit owner I Put the "POWER STEER" on today and what a difference! It feels like the front end has no weight at all and it steers so much easier. Kudos again, you guys rock.
Debby C.

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the original sport trike kit frankenstein trikes proudly made in pleasanton kansas usa
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